Coppa Italia Velocità 2023, the first test

Finally on Monday, April 3, at the official test of Coppa Italia Velocità in Misano, I got back on my Ducati after a long winter break. If it is easy enough for me to say that I am happy to ride, I can also confirm this at the end of this first day that left me with really positive feelings. Despite not optimal weather (sunny but low temperatures, around 12 degrees in the hottest hours and strong wind) and with used tires I found very quickly the feeling with the bike I had left behind. Especially in braking as for corner entry I found a lot of confidence and for this I am sure that the work with my coach Elia Sammartin at the Pietramurata Offroad Park paid off. It was not a day to look for the best lap time but I am happy that without fatigue I lapped not far from my best chrono, surely reached in more suitable conditions.

Now we continue to work hard to get ready for the next tests at the end of the month and especially for the first appointment of the season on May 21 in Vallelunga.

As they say “if a good day is seen from the morning…”

Thanks, as always, go to all the sponsors that put their trust in me and the people who are close to me.

Foto credit: Snap Shot Riccione

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